Frequently Asked Questions


Does Rare Air sell Marijuana?

No. Rare Air does not sell marijuana. We provide expert cannabis consulting services for the global cannabis industry. We do not in any way come in contact with cannabis at any point in our work.


What does the name “Rare Air” mean?

The name comes from a phrase used in Hollywood to describe the atmosphere around an A-List movie star. They are said to experience breathing the rarest of air when they are at the absolute top of their industry. We use the term to describe where we want our clients to be – at the top.


What types of consulting does Rare Air do?

Rare Air can add value to your company from end to end whether it be in licensing and permit acquisition, facility design, sales, marketing, supply chain management, software systems development and implementation, corporate branding, web design, SEO, graphic design, & video production. 


Who are your cannabis consulting “experts”?

While Rare Air is relatively new as a company, we possess many years experience in all aspects of the cannabis industry. Further to this, we bring a wide range of other corporate experiences to the table. Every member of our group has been in business for over 30 years.


Where is Rare Air located?

Rare Air is headquartered in Edmonton Canada. We can also draw from a global talent pool of cannabis experts from around the world depending on the scope of your individual project.


Who is the best person to work with from your firm if I wanted to start my own cannabis business?

You should reach out to our CEO, Mr. Brad Baird. He is a virtual traffic cop for our company and will build a team specifically for your project. Whether it is improving your online presence or re-branding your cannabis products or servcies, Brad remains available throughout the lifespan of your project.


How much does rare air charge?

Project work is typically quoted in advance. We also offer hourly consulting services which are billed according to which members of the team are involved. The ROI on our consulting services is measurable and we can provide references upon request.